Tailoring that doesn't cost the earth

JBTailoring a unique vegan tailors guiding you to a carbon neutral wardrobe. With a variety of sustainable cloths from fabric to lining to trimmings (buttons, zippers and pocketing) everything has been hand selected with the environment in mind.

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With the fashion industry accountings for 10% of global emissions a revolution within the industry has already begun to spark. With consumers searching for vegan friendly garments (all of ours are depending on cloth selection), designers searching for recycled fabrics and both consumer/designer up-cycling garments from home. Unfortunately with fast fashion a lot of us haven’t picked up a needle in perhaps decades and little to none of us don’t have sewing machines in our homes anymore. I cut out the worrying of cheap quality, child labour and our climate dying due to fashion. If you invest in me you won’t have to feel guilty in order to look good.

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Bespoke vs Made to Measure. Many ‘tailoring brands’ will abuse the word bespoke. For your clothing to be truly bespoke you will be measured with 60+ body measurements, have a unique pattern cut with your posture taken into account, adapt any style/fit preference, have hand sewn qualities like linings and top stitches; this is what makes bespoke unique (lead time 6-8 weeks). A Made to Measure will guide you through a similar process starting with fitting you in a garment and pinning necessary alterations (lead time 3-4 weeks). Cloth, linings and trimming selection is transparent through both processes with nothing changing.

Follow me in a journey to cut the carbon emissions of clothing. 

Invest in apparel that won't have a negative impact on your carbon emissions

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