About Us

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I have been making trousers since I was 17, from my first pair that ripped down the seat; to now where it’s my specialisation (none have ripped since). I am a graduate of BA Hons Bespoke Tailoring at London College of Fashion and have curated a brand philosophy to help shape the tailoring world in the right direction. From 7 years of working for a variety of suiting brands I have seen how much waste and abuse there is within the industry. Therefore reducing my carbon footprint has been a predominant part of my life for the past few years resulting in a few lifestyle changes. Studying the art of slow fashion (bespoke tailoring) results in me producing one of the most carbon friendly production lines in the industry. I have developed an eye for colours, fit and personality of clothing from my journey within the industry and look forward to having a positive impact on your wardrobe.