Our ethics

JBTailoring has a fluid production line with all production in and around London. Meaning  you will know who your item was made by and when it was made. Our selection of hemp, linen, cotton, wool, bamboo and tencel have been sourced with extensive research to keep yours and our carbon footprint as small as possible; where we are unable to keep it climate neutral we will plant a tree to make it right. All of our products will be made to order meaning nothing will ever be wasted.


As an industry we need to be conscious and take care of the garments we wear, understand the complex process behind your clothing; be excited for innovation. We need to start looking at labels see who is making clothes and questioning why they are made here. Taking care of our clothes as they are just another form of our bodies expression; it will require nurture. Reusing products will lead to more longevity. When you need to buy new shop with brands that have positive carbon emissions. Keeping production of garments in the country will ensure there’s no child-labour and less pollution. Our supermarkets have already begun the change but fashion has been slow with H&M promising climate positivity by 2040 which is just too late.